My toilet will be the death of me!

I swear i have had the worse 3 days of my life. Once again having issues with the toilet. i have tried EVERYTHING to get the problem fixed and its just not working in my favor.  I wish i had a plumber friend that can help me further,  The issue with this is you flush it the toilet water raises and then takes forever to drain  does the things you put in the toilet go down? HELL NO! and to get that down you have to plung and plung and dump really hot water down it.

I have tried every DIY method there was.. few weeks ago we had this same issue and with some muscle work plunging it and dumping really hot water and letting dish soap in there helped and the problem was fixed.. but this time even THAT is not working!! Im sitting here thinking the worse case scenario which i usually do most times.

These little situations seems to stress me out a great deal then the anxiety sets  deep in my soul and just ruins me completely, nobody wants to be dealing with these issues it really does suck!!!  I am up for any suggestions  at this point drop me a comment  and i will try it!!    the new thing i noticed is that when i ran the bath tub water bubbles were coming out of my toilet!! .. i have well water and i know that created Minerals and build up but i do not know the first thing about that stuff.  they make liquid drainos for tubs and sinks did they forget about the toilet?? I am almost betting if i put that stuff in the toilet it probably would fix the issue but i read online several times NOT to be dumping that in there as it will cause damage to the pipes.   I also think that the jets to the toilet is clogged as well but again im not a plumber  and dont know and im not about to pay for a plumber either they are expensive!!  I am almost approaching day 4!!! i am just so done!





4 thoughts on “My toilet will be the death of me!

    1. for some reason that post never got posted it was sitting in the draft section the thing said published but apparently it didnt but i wrote this a few days ago. but ya we tried EVERYTHING hot water and soap.. plunging … the snake.. we arnt getting much pressure just cant figure it out!! im going on day 5 and counting

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