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Doing the right thing

Yesterday was the day that Hershey went to a new home it was sad for me As i knew i was going to feel that way when the time came. i felt very torn up inside.  But i know she will be well taken care of where she was going and i also will be able to see her from time to time.  The thing with Hershey  her last owner kept her tied up and neglected for a long time  and barley carried the weight she was suppose to be at for a dog her size. We took her in and nursed her back to health and tried to fix the old things that the last owner done to her.. her being physically abused that is something we couldnt fix because of the last owner. But because of the lack of someone else it was really really hard fixing her.  But the fact is that she is a really hard dog to deal with.  and i was the only one dealing with her like usual and i wasnt the one that wanted her so badly.

I had struggled yesterday with letting her go it was weird the rest of the day by night i was crying felt like i have done the wrong thing or a bad thing.. i felt like a piece of shit for giving up, the way i seen it  was that i was not giving up but i was giving her a better home with people that can give her way more attention than i ever could.  when she was here i was the ONLY one that was giving her the attention in the first place.. someone else wanted the dog but i was the one doing EVERYTHING with zero help, how unfair is that!!  The other thing is that she was stressing out my other pets my tiny dog she thought he was her personal chew toy  and as for my old cat.. he could no longer be downstairs because she would chase him right back up the stairs.  So while people thinks i was disrupting her life by rehoming her can you imagine how my cat and dog felt when i brought her into the home.. it was disrupting them too.. so its not a win win for me.  I didnt rehome her because shes a bad dog.. i rehomed her  for her to get the space and attention she craves for.. shes a very needy dog that needs attention at all time.. and believe me it was a full time job!!

when the opportunity came up of someone wanting her i jumped on it  they expressed big interest in wanting her so i through that idea to my husband and my kids about it.  and i got everyones feelings and opinions on it..  I knew i wouldnt get much of a fight from it because like i said before nobody spent any time with her and often bitched about her.. about the way she is.. when it came to my husband i gave him an extra day to think about it. and he was all for it.  and i asked him “are you sure” and he said ya sure whatever.  (his typical response to everything} so i made the  plan for them to come get her.. we weighed the pros and cons of rehoming her and i thought about it long and hard and often got upset and a sick feeling in my stomach about it but i knew it was best for her and for us.. So they came and got her and everyone was cool about it factly nobody came to say bye to her except me.

It wasnt until 10 minutes after she left that my husband decided that he was purposely going to make me feel bad for rehoming her by saying ” I hope your happy”  and then tried to tell me i NEVER even asked him if it was okay to rehome her. completely denying everything . while they were on there way  of picking her up he tried to get my kids to make me feel bad for rehoming her. im like why would you do that? if there not sad or upset why egg that on? just to make me feel bad.. and make me cry?? He even tried to tell me that my other dog is now sad and depressed  which in a way i think he is a little bit .. but still why would you do that? like he was out to purposely  upset me!! who does that?? why would you do that to your wife.. and why would he care anyways.. hes the one that wanted her in the first place and after 2 days he stopped paying any attention to her and was often annoyed, I just didnt Appreciate being made to feel like a piece of shit.

New Rule in this house  NO MORE PETS!!!  especially if im going to be the only one doing the dirty work.

Last night i went to bed crying  for a while because i was orginally upset for rehoming her and the egging that was getting on and off during the night. it all got to me and i laid there wondering about her and if she was okay and just sad because i was so use to her being here.  but i know she is okay . i just had issues convincing myself that.Signature

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